Let There Be Light: 3 Ideas to Brighten Up a Room

No matter your taste in home decor and design, you're likely to have one thing in common with every other enthusiast—the idea that a lighter room is a better room.  It's not for nothing that house prices rise and fall based on the direction they face.  House-buyers are chasing the sunlight, and you'll see that desire replicated in home design magazines and inspiration photographs everywhere.  Light makes any space look bigger and more open, regardless of its actual dimensions or contents. [Read More]

4 Things to Pay Attention To If Ordering Custom Curtains

It is now possible to order custom curtains online. However, special care should be taken when placing an order online so that the curtains will look great once you install them. This article discusses some elements of proportion that can affect how attractive such curtains can be after you install them. Length Take extra care when measuring how long the custom curtains should be. The best curtains just graze the floor instead of stopping several inches above the floor. [Read More]

Tips for Choosing the Right Awning Wall for Your Caravan

If you own a caravan and love spending your holiday outdoors, you may still need some shade and covering from the elements. An awning or awning wall for your caravan can be a good investment, as it provides shade from hot sun and even from a light rain and high winds. When you're ready to shop for awnings or awning walls for your caravan, note a few tips on how to choose the best variety for your needs. [Read More]

How to Get Better Acoustic Insulation from Double Glazed Windows

People who live or work in places that are near sources of noise, such as busy roads, can reduce that noise by paying more attention to the double-glazed windows on those properties. This article discusses some features that you should focus upon when buying double-glazed windows that will dampen the noise around your home or place of work. The Thickness of the Panes Dense objects normally impede the transmission of sound better than objects that aren't dense. [Read More]