Don't Wait Until Summer: Why Right Now Is The Perfect Time To Plant Trees

If you're ready to plant trees in your yard, but you've decided to wait until summer, you need to rethink that decision. You might not realise it, but autumn and winter are two of the best seasons for planting trees. If you're not sure whether or not planting your trees right now is the best option, read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to visit a wholesale tree nursery during autumn and winter. 

Soil is Saturated With Water

When you plant trees, you need to start with a deep hole, which means you need to dig. If you wait until spring or summer, you might struggle with the digging. That's because the soil tends to dry out once the weather gets warmer. Not only that, but trees need plenty of water to ensure proper growth. That's why autumn and winter are the best times to plant your trees. During the autumn and winter, the soil is saturated from the seasonal rains. That means the soil will be easier to work with and will hold plenty of moisture for your new trees. 

Temperatures are Cooler

If you plan to wait until summer to plant your new trees, you should also think about the temperatures. Australian summers can get quite hot. You might not know this, but extreme heat can cause serious problems for your new trees, especially right after they've been transplanted. Unfortunately, the tree's root systems aren't established enough to keep it cool. That's why it's best to plant your new trees during the autumn and winter. The temperatures are cool enough to protect your new trees against heat damage. 

Ample Growth Period

If you want your trees to provide shade for your home, don't wait until summer to plant them. If you wait until summer, your trees won't have enough time to mature, which means you won't have any shade at all. Luckily, that's not the case when you plant your new trees during the autumn or winter. That's because your new trees will have several months to grow before summer arrives. Your trees won't be fully developed by the time summer arrives, but there will be enough foliage to provide a bit of shade. 

Fewer Tree Pests

Finally, if you want to protect your new trees against pest infestations and diseases, be sure to plan for autumn or winter planting. Pests tend to go into hibernation during the cooler months. Not only that, tree diseases tend to go dormant during those months as well. That means your new trees will have time to build up some resistance before the warmer months arrive. 

Don't wait until summer to plant your new trees. Visit a wholesale tree nursery during the fall and winter months, and get a head start on the growth.