Unique Pool Shade Structures to Enhance Relaxation Experience

As more homeowners install swimming pools on their properties, the demand for pool shade structures increases. Pool shade structures protect against the sun, especially during those sweltering summer afternoons when staying indoors is not an option. However, traditional pool shades only block out the sun. Instead, clients want pool shades that enhance the relaxation experience around a swimming pool. This article highlights pool shade ideas that guarantee exceptional comfort levels in residential areas.

Vented Pool Shades — Some of the pool shades that property owners often come across include shade sails, pool umbrellas and instant canopies with enclosed tops. While the structures allow for air circulation, hot air rises and accumulates just below the shade's roof, keeping temperatures under the shade slightly high. Vented pool shade structures are a better option for pool owners since they promote fresh air circulation around and above a canopy. Notably, the vents allow rising hot air within the shade to escape, keeping occupants cool at all times.

Misting Pool Shades — Just because a pool shade blocks harsh sun rays does not mean that the shaded area does not get hot. Since swimming pools are highly humid in summer, the water vapour in the air can make shaded spots slightly uncomfortable. It is particularly the case when there is no breeze. Therefore, some manufacturers have introduced a line of unique pool shades by incorporating a misting system. A pool shade misting system operates like an irrigation system and cools the hot and humid air within and around a shade structure. The misting system accomplishes the role by automatically and intermittently spraying a mist of tiny water droplets. The tiny droplets of cold water cool the surrounding air as they evaporate.

Detachable Canopy System — The size of a homeowner's pool dictates the amount of shade they need. Typically, large pools have many relaxation spots and require several shade structures. Notably, suppliers can offer clients several umbrellas to cover all relaxation spots. However, what happens when only one or two people want to relax under the shade? Rather than opt for several traditional fixed pool shades, pool owners can buy an umbrella with detachable canopies. Detachable canopies allow pool owners to increase or reduce the size of shades areas on a needs basis. Besides, detachable canopy systems can be moved from one home to another, say during neighbourhood pool events.

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