Why Add an Awning to Your Caravan?

If you enjoy the great outdoors and like nothing more than to hit the road with your caravan being towed behind you, then you should also consider the merits of a dedicated awning for it. Some people prefer to take a tent with them to provide additional sleeping space, but a caravan awning will often prove to be a superior way of camping. Note that you don't have to enjoy camping to get the best out of a caravan awning, either. If you use your caravan at home for extra space or to act as a home office, then an awning will also be a great addition. Why do so many Australians fit awnings to their caravans these days? Read on to find out.

Generate Shade

To begin with, a caravan awning is a great shade-maker. This is important in Australia where the sun can be notoriously fierce. In the heat of the day, setting up your awning such that it faces south is the best move. This will offer greater protection from the sun as it passes through the sky. It will also help to keep your caravan cooler by blocking off some of the sun's rays. Generating shade with an awning is particularly useful if you don't have any cover from trees to help protect you.

Simple to Set Up

Most caravan awning installers will know exactly how to fit a suitably sized product to give you exactly what you are after. Smaller awnings often suit smaller caravans but you might also want a half-size awning for a larger caravan, perhaps to serve as an additional bedroom without blocking off the main entrance to your caravan. Typically, retro-fitted awnings will simply unfurl and need to be pegged out with some guy ropes. In other words, you won't need to be an expert to set one up, nor to take it down when you're ready to move on.

Add Space and Privacy

So-called porch awnings don't just extend from your caravan overhead but provide walls, as well. This means you can use them just like a tent, adding much-needed space to your caravan's footprint. In addition, your campsite will become instantly more private without people being able to see inside. If you're not overlooked, then you should be able to roll up the walls of your awning. As such, they provide complete flexibility for different sorts of settings. What's more, when you have pegged out a porch awning correctly, it should also help to keep bugs and other creatures at bay.

For more information on caravan awnings, contact a company near you.