Benefits of Installing Security Screens in Your House

Installing security screens on the windows and doors will make your home safer while improving its ambience. Here are several benefits you can expect.


Security screens use woven steel to create the mesh, or they might consist of metal sheets with punched holes that give the mesh look. They may look like simple insect screens, but they're ultra-strong and constructed with protection in mind.

Security screens must pass stringent building regulations, so you can feel assured that they'll do their job. Look for products with a label saying they've passed Australian Standards 5039, 5040 and 5041. These standards cover how the screens must be constructed during manufacture and how they must be installed in a building. The regulations also define tests that the screens must pass. For example, they must resist attempts to cut through the mesh and pry the mesh from its frame. Once a product passes these experiments and is built according to standards, it can be labelled compliant. So make sure to keep an eye out for these stickers on any screen you purchase.


A security screen not only needs to resist the attempts of burglars, but it also needs to withstand the weather and the elements. These coverings can do this with ease as they're highly resilient, using metals such as aluminium and steel for the frame and mesh. Aluminium naturally repels rust, and it's powder-coated or anodised, which offers further protection. Stainless steel mesh is robust and resistant to corrosion. This metal is usually also shielded with an anodised or powder coating process. Thus, you can feel confident that the screens will bear the brunt of the weather without deteriorating quickly.

Open Aspect

Security screens will make your home safe while maintaining an open aspect. You won't have grills or bars blocking the windows. Thus, your home will feel open as you can look outside and enjoy the garden view. You can also allow fresh breezes to circulate through your house without worrying that someone could climb into a window while you're in another room. Of course, security screens also keep out bugs, flies, insects, and mosquitoes. On a humid evening, you can leave your house open to the night air and feel safe.

Design Options

The screens come in a range of different colours, allowing you to match the frame to your home. You can also construct screens that fit diversely sized and shaped windows. They can be fixed, or you can install sliding or bifold screens that protect expansive glass doors leading to a patio.

Contact a local security screen installer to learn more.