Three Types Of Blinds For The Home

When choosing window coverings for your home, you need to factor in how they appear and how they'll enhance a room's design. You also need to consider how they let you control the flow of light. Here are three types of blinds, with the best attributes of each outlined. Roller Blinds Roller blinds are one of the sleekest window coverings, consisting of a flat rectangular piece of fabric. They're not filled with vertical or horizontal lines or drapes and folds. [Read More]

3 Ways Plantation Shutters Can Benefit Your House

Plantation shutters are popular window treatments and for a good reason. To start with, these shutters offer an elegant covering and are also require low maintenance. Secondly,  they were designed to improve security and filter out the harmful rays from the sun. And they also add an elegant style to your home. If you are still unsure whether investing in plantation shutters is a good idea, here is a look at the other three reasons why they are an excellent investment. [Read More]

Why a Modular Sofa Can Be a Good Choice for Your Small Living Room

If you have a small living room, one thing that you might be struggling with is choosing the right furniture for the space. You might not have a sofa yet, for example, and you could be looking at all of your options. You might not think that a modular sofa is going to be a good choice since you might assume that these nice couches are better-suited for bigger living spaces. [Read More]

Ideas for a custom kitchen renovation

Planning a custom kitchen design allows you to get creative and incorporate your favourite materials, colours and textures into your home. Consider the following ideas to help you compose your space. Kitchen Island Kitchen islands can be constructed in any shape and size to suit your kitchen, adding extra countertop space, storage and seating, depending on the design. Make sure you have enough aisle area beside the island so you can get around comfortably. [Read More]