Things You Need to Know About Plantation Shutters

The name 'plantation' comes from the fact that the shutter design was first used in large houses that were situated in large cotton farms. These shutters are mostly applied on windows, but you can also find them on interior doors. They feature horizontal slanting louvres arranged parallel to each other within a frame. The louvres can either be moveable or fixed, depending on your needs. Choosing moveable louvres means you want to be able to control the amount of light getting into your space and improve airflow.

 Here are some other important things you need to know about plantation shutters:

They Can Be Used in Your House Interior or Exterior

Plantation shutters are mostly used for your house interior because of their aesthetic value. The fact that you can control the amount of air and natural light getting into your house is a bonus. This means that for your interior space, you might want to choose moveable louvres.

Plantation shutters used for the exterior parts of your windows also serve an aesthetic role, but they are recommended for those who want to protect their windows from breaking, maybe due to harsh weather conditions. They can also be used to prevent easy window access if your locality is prone to burglars.

The Material Composition Is Strong and Appealing

Plantation shutters are mostly made from timber, which can be coated with any colour or pattern you want for aesthetic value and to protect them from damage. You may also come across PVC and aluminium shutters.

Choosing a material might depend on your aesthetic goals and also your surroundings. You may find that various materials are resistant to various conditions and better suited for your shutters. Some materials can last longer than others if used in your locality's environmental conditions.

For example, plastic is waterproof but won't do well if exposed to harsh UV rays from the sun. This means that plastic is a good interior shutter material for cooler localities and if your aesthetic needs are met by plastic. Aluminium is waterproof, resistant to harmful UV rays, fireproof, etc. Its qualities make it suitable for those who want shutters for exterior spaces.

Since wood is popular but vulnerable to various environmental factors, a lot is done to strengthen it and make it resistant; that is why it is expensive. It has to be treated to prevent insect attack and then various coatings applied to protect it from moisture, surface damage from artificial activities and damage from harsh UV rays.