Revamping A Tween's Bedroom With Decorative Homewares

When a child moves into the tween stage, it's common for them to begin to move on from their childhood toys and favourite characters, and this can lead them to want a bedroom makeover. They will want to feel more grownup, and their bedroom is an ideal space for them to begin this transition and have some control over what that looks like for them. If your child feels they have outgrown their bedroom décor, you can use decorative homewares to revamp their room inexpensively. Here are a few tips for creating a tween-approved bedroom:

Add Greenery

Adding a few plants that are easy to care for can be a quick and easy way to make a bedroom seem like a more grown-up space. Your tween likely won't remember to water plants regularly, so choose succulents or ferns, which add a splash of colour and don't have to be watered very often. Select some bright plant pots or choose decorative pots with your child's favourite animal on them. Alternatively, choose woven hanging planters, which come in a variety of colours, to create a feature around their window.

Update Wall Art

Young children often have posters of their favourite cartoon characters or animals on their walls, but as your child moves into the tween stage they will want wall art that better reflects their developing interests and gives their bedroom a more mature look. Consider hanging prints of their favourite musicians, quotes, travel destinations or flowers in wooden frames. Depending on the overall style of the bedroom, opt for minimalistic straight-edged frames or statement frames with patterns, etchings or curved lines.

Create A Relaxation Area

As your child becomes a tween, they will also move on in school and start having more homework. They may also start spending more time in their bedroom, as they get to grips with developmental changes that take place during this period. So, try to ensure they have a cosy space in their bedroom to read, listen to music, draw and relax. This may mean adding a feature armchair and a couple of fluffy throws for them to snuggle up with a favourite book, or it may mean having a few large cushions scattered around for them to lounge on at the end of a hard day.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter likely didn't bother your child when they were younger, but it can make a bedroom seem smaller and your tween may begin to feel frustrated by it. Ask your child to go through their belongings, and when they have narrowed down what they want to keep, look at smart storage solutions that cut visible clutter. For example, opt for a bedside table that has drawers or a cupboard at the bottom rather than an open space. This will allow your child to store their books, trinkets and stationery out of sight. You could also add a padded ottoman storage box that doubles as a seat, which would allow your child to store away their cosy blankets, stuffed toys they aren't ready to part with or a special collection they have.

These are just a few ways you can use decorative homewares to revamp your child's bedroom as they move into the tween stage. Involve your child in the changes to their room and have fun picking out accessories together.