Ideas for a custom kitchen renovation

Planning a custom kitchen design allows you to get creative and incorporate your favourite materials, colours and textures into your home. Consider the following ideas to help you compose your space.

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands can be constructed in any shape and size to suit your kitchen, adding extra countertop space, storage and seating, depending on the design. Make sure you have enough aisle area beside the island so you can get around comfortably. If your kitchen is in an unusual shape, if it's narrow and long, for instance, you can tailor the kitchen island to fit. You could build a round or square island or another unusual shape.

If you create an overhang on the non-working side, friends and family can sit comfortably with ample legroom. At other times, the stools can be pushed underneath the overhang, out of the way. A kitchen island allows you to create an accent piece and install elements such as a gorgeous granite benchtop or contrasting chartreuse cabinetry.

Glass Splashback

One of the crucial attributes of a splashback is its cleanability, and a glass splashback with a smooth, seamless surface is perfect. It doesn't have grime catching grout lines that compel you to get scrubbing.

You can back-paint the glass panels in any hue you wish, picking from sample colour swatches. Alternatively, print a digital image on the back. This could be a beach scene, a woodland forest or a quaint picture of rolling hills with cows and horses dotted across the pasture.

You could also print a photo of texture, of travertine stone or red brickwork, for example. You'll be able to appreciate such materials on your splashback. But, they'll be easy to clean and maintain — being a print.

Polished Concrete Floor

If you want a beautiful and natural-looking floor, you could consider polished concrete. These surfaces emit a beautiful shine, and the cement, pebbles, stones and other aggregates create patterns and give the floor a natural feel. The rawness of the concrete combined with the shine makes a gorgeous mix. Additionally, polished concrete evokes a spacious and clean feeling as it forms a continuous surface, unbroken by joins between tiles or timber planks.


The light in the kitchen allows you to see everything else, so you should pay attention to this somewhat invisible force. Abundant daylight that flows through large windows or a skylight will create a welcoming and airy environment. As far as artificial lighting goes, don't rely on one central globe, as it won't light all areas of the room evenly. Instead, combine pendant and recessed lights in strategic positions to create even and soft illumination. Connect the various globes to different switches so you can control the mood at all times.

Contact a local custom kitchen designer to get more ideas.