Down to the Wire: The Advantages of Using Welded Wire Mesh to Create an Outdoor Cat Enclosure

While some house cats may be thoroughly sedentary creatures who rarely move from their chosen spot on the couch, others are more adventurous, and giving these daring cars frequent access to the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors is vital for their well being. However, letting your cat roam free and unsupervised can put it at tremendous risk from traffic, dangerous animals and other hazards, and building a secure outdoor enclosure for cats who enjoy being outdoors will do a great deal to keep them safe. [Read More]

How to Use Shade Sails at Your School

If you're responsible for design and decoration at your school, you will always be looking for interesting ideas that can not only be functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. There are many reasons why you should consider introducing shade sails to some of your outdoor areas, as these can satisfy several different criteria. Why should they be on your shopping list? Protection from the Sun As you may know, the primary objective of a shade sail is to provide protection from the elements and, in particular, the sun. [Read More]

Two Ways to Make the Smaller Rooms in Your Home Look More Spacious

If some of the rooms in your home are very small, here are two steps you can take to make them appear more spacious. Replace the curtains with blinds If you want the more modestly sized parts of your home to look larger, it's worth replacing the curtains in these areas with blinds. Bulky fabric hanging down from both sides of a window can take up a lot of precious free space in a small room and, in doing so, make it look even smaller than it actually is. [Read More]

3 Design Guidelines For Creating A Small But Beautiful Ensuite Renovation

Ensuite bathrooms have been a mainstay of home design for several decades now. If you have a home that was built more than a decade ago, then your ensuite may be looking a little tired, dated and in need of a more contemporary facelift. Although it's often the smallest room in the home, coming up with a cohesive and attractive design can still be tricky if you don't get the basics right. [Read More]