How to Use Shade Sails at Your School

If you're responsible for design and decoration at your school, you will always be looking for interesting ideas that can not only be functional, but aesthetically pleasing as well. There are many reasons why you should consider introducing shade sails to some of your outdoor areas, as these can satisfy several different criteria. Why should they be on your shopping list?

Protection from the Sun

As you may know, the primary objective of a shade sail is to provide protection from the elements and, in particular, the sun. Of course, children love to play outdoors and will be exposed to harmful UV rays during the heat of a typical Australian day, and a lot of emphasis must be placed on protection. After all, the school has a duty of care to help educate growing kids about skin cancers. It would be a great idea, therefore, to erect a number of different shade sails in strategic areas outside.

Playground Areas

Younger children love to congregate in a play area where slides and other items of equipment are installed. Usually, this area will be segregated from the rest of the school property by a fence, and you can allocate one corner of this compound as a rest area, for exhausted kids to congregate. Erect some brightly coloured shade sails here, and this can be a place for them to cool off in a fun environment. Remember, these shades are made from a special fabric that allows air to flow through and will take full advantage of a cooling breeze.

Improving the Environment

Some school buildings look rather drab, in all honesty. If this describes your facility, then why not introduce some vibrantly coloured shade sails in an outdoor area, adjacent to the main building? This will help to spice things up, especially on a dreary day. Usually, you can choose these solutions in a variety of different shapes, and you can install several alternative styles in one location. If you are really adventurous, you can create a specific design that will complement the environment and help the children appreciate their surroundings.

Taking School Outside

In the winter season, you might like to take a learning environment outside. This would be a great idea if it's time for the kids to learn some important information about Mother Nature. As you think about a location for this outdoor classroom, remember to protect it by using the appropriate number of shade sails.

Talk with your supplier so that you can order the right type of shade for all these areas.