Two Ways to Make the Smaller Rooms in Your Home Look More Spacious

If some of the rooms in your home are very small, here are two steps you can take to make them appear more spacious.

Replace the curtains with blinds

If you want the more modestly sized parts of your home to look larger, it's worth replacing the curtains in these areas with blinds. Bulky fabric hanging down from both sides of a window can take up a lot of precious free space in a small room and, in doing so, make it look even smaller than it actually is. Furthermore, even when pulled open, a pair of curtains will still partially obstruct the view of the sides of the window pane and the windowsill. This will not only make the overall window area look smaller but will also reduce the amount of natural sunlight that enters the room; the latter is an especially important point to note, as tiny rooms need a lot of natural light in order to look as bright, spacious and airy as possible.

Blinds, on the other hands, will not take up any excess space and will give the window area a much more streamlined appearance. Additionally, when a blind is completely rolled up, it will not obstruct the view of the window pane; this, in turn, will ensure that plenty of sunlight enters the room and brightens it up.

Keep clutter to a minimum

Whilst the presence of trinkets, artwork, books and knick-knacks can make a large room look a lot cosier and more welcoming, this type of clutter can have a very negative impact on the appearance of a smaller room. When a room is very compact, too much visible clutter can make it look and feel cramped and claustrophobic. As such, if there are a lot of unnecessary items in the smaller rooms of your home, it might be worth devoting a day or two to de-cluttering these areas.

Remove items from the mantle, countertops, windowsills and tables, and then put them in the more spacious parts of your home (or alternatively, if you no longer require these items, you can donate or dispose of them).

If you come across things that you need to keep in one of your smaller rooms, you might want to consider purchasing some specialist storage items that will allow you to continue to store these things in the room without having to keep them out on display all of the time. For example, if you have several different cables and remote controls that you need to keep in your living room, you might want to purchase a storage ottoman so that you can stow them away, out of sight, but still access them very easily whenever you need to use them.