Tips for Choosing the Right Awning Wall for Your Caravan

If you own a caravan and love spending your holiday outdoors, you may still need some shade and covering from the elements. An awning or awning wall for your caravan can be a good investment, as it provides shade from hot sun and even from a light rain and high winds. When you're ready to shop for awnings or awning walls for your caravan, note a few tips on how to choose the best variety for your needs.

Awning versus wall

First determine if you want a plain awning, which is just a roof piece, or an awning wall, which will be a full enclosure. If you take your caravan to the beach, to the outback, or to any type of desert area, you might do well to invest in an awning wall. Wind is often bothersome enough when you're outdoors, but these areas in particular can mean sand in that wind, which is irritating to your skin and eyes, and which can also settle on your food! Walls can protect you from rain, winds, dust, and sand, so note if you might spend the extra money for awning walls when needed.


Some awning walls will have a rollout vinyl floor, and these are referred to as an awning porch. The flooring can be a good choice if you like to set up a table and chairs under the awning, as furniture will have less risk of wobbling or outright tipping on vinyl flooring. This flooring may also be good if you want to store bikes, skates, and other such equipment under the awning, as this equipment have less risk of sinking or even falling over when it's on a solid floor rather than on soft or muddy soil.


While you want an awning that is comfortable for you to stand under, you also need to consider the weight and size of the awning according to your vehicle or caravan. If you have a camper van, an oversized awning may actually extend past its back end, which might be illegal in your area. A very large awning with a thick floor can also cause a lightweight caravan to tip, especially when the awning is folded up and you're on the road; one quick turn and the awning may actually pull the caravan off its wheels. Check legal restrictions when it comes to add-ons for a vehicle or caravan, and also note the weight your vehicle or caravan can safely manage when choosing the size of your awning.