How to Get Better Acoustic Insulation from Double Glazed Windows

People who live or work in places that are near sources of noise, such as busy roads, can reduce that noise by paying more attention to the double-glazed windows on those properties. This article discusses some features that you should focus upon when buying double-glazed windows that will dampen the noise around your home or place of work.

The Thickness of the Panes

Dense objects normally impede the transmission of sound better than objects that aren't dense. It is therefore important for you to pay attention to the thickness of the windowpanes when you are selecting double-glazed windows. Opt for windows with the thickest panes available because those windows will be able to do a better job of dampening the sounds in your environment. For example, 10mm glazing is likely to provide better sound insulation when compared to 6mm glazing.

The Air Gap

Double-glazed windows have a gap between the different panes in the windows. This gap may or may not be filled with an inert gas, such as argon. A bigger air gap helps to slow down the transmission of sound from one pane to another. Consequently, double-glazed windows that have small gaps between the panes aren't as good at reducing noise transmission as windows with a large gap between the panes can. The space between the panes is normally indicated in millimeters. Select the windows with the largest air gap available so that you get better sound insulation once those windows are installed.

Perimeter Seals

The sound insulation of your double-glazed windows may be reduced in case the perimeter of those windows was not sealed properly. This is because noise will penetrate the building through the flanking paths that have been created around the panes. Select malleable seals for the window panes. Such seals are better because they allow the window to close very tightly without leaving any gap for air to leak through. Ask for seals that are good at sound attenuation in case the window supplier didn't provide seals that are rated for sound insulation. Replace any seal that shows signs of wear.

You should remember that not all products that are designed for thermal insulation can provide adequate sound insulation. It is therefore crucial for you to talk to different double-glazed window suppliers so that you can confirm that their products will serve the two roles (sound and thermal insulation) satisfactorily. Ask a glazing professional to visit your premises in order to assess what your exact needs may be.