4 Things to Pay Attention To If Ordering Custom Curtains

It is now possible to order custom curtains online. However, special care should be taken when placing an order online so that the curtains will look great once you install them. This article discusses some elements of proportion that can affect how attractive such curtains can be after you install them.


Take extra care when measuring how long the custom curtains should be. The best curtains just graze the floor instead of stopping several inches above the floor. Curtains that just graze the floor look neat and will not be hard to operate (manually or automatically) since they will not be dragging on the ground. Shorter ones look misplaced since it will appear as though they were made for another home and you simply changed your mind and used them elsewhere. You should, therefore, make sure that the measurements reflect how long those curtains should be so that they barely touch the floor.

Tieback Placement

You should also think about the position where you want the tiebacks on the custom curtains to be. It is usually advisable for you to avoid placing the tiebacks halfway down the length of the curtains. Such a placement may make the curtains to look very plain and ordinary. It is better to request the fabricator to place the tiebacks either just above or below the halfway point. Higher tiebacks are particularly good for spaces with high ceilings.

Their Fullness

Don't try to save on costs by requesting custom curtains that are the exact width of your windows. Such curtains will look stretched excessively, which will make your home look unattractive. Order a curtain width that is about twice the width of your windows. This fullness will make your home look luxurious and visually appealing.

The Valance

The dimensions of the valance should be tailored to suit your living space. For example, the valance should cover about one-fifth of the custom curtains if your home has high ceilings. This size can reduce to one-sixth of the curtain length if the ceiling is lower, such as for ceilings that are less than 8 feet from the floor. Longer valances are also good for providing more privacy when the curtains are opened. You can, therefore, order shorter ones if you don't need lots of privacy in the space where the curtains will be installed.

Always talk to the supplier and discuss all your needs so that they can recommend what else will make your chosen curtains suitable for your home or business premises.