How to Choose the Best Landscaping Shrubs and Hedges for Your Property

Shrubbery refers to bushes you would plant next to the house, while hedges are planted along the borders of your property. This is an important difference, as hedges are very thick and dense, for lots of privacy and even sound insulation. Shrubbery is much less dense, and may not grow well without the shade provided by an adjacent home.

Because the shrubs and hedges you add to your property can greatly enhance its overall appearance and curb appeal, and help create a restful oasis for you and your family, you want to ensure you choose the best varieties for your property. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed with all your choices when you visit a nursery, so note a few suggestions and discuss these with a landscaper as needed.

For privacy

If you want thick, dense hedges along the property border, opt for boxwood, which can be trimmed into a very neat and manicured shape. Glossy abelia is also very thick and grows trumpet-shaped flowers that add colour and style. Japanese barberry bushes are thick and dense and grow in a variety of colours, including rusty red and shades of green, for a soft look along the property's border.

For fall colour

If you love the colours of fall but don't have mature trees on your property, you can plant shrubbery that changes colour as the seasons changes. Virginia sweetspire offers a rich burgundy colour, while many varieties of spirea plants stay a golden yellow with a hint of red and orange. The leaves of a witch hazel plant turn a mixture of orange and red throughout the year, also resembling the leaves of trees in fall. For colour over your wood or metal fence, plant Boston ivy vines, and their rich, red leaves will quickly grow to cover those surfaces.

For flowers

Trying to grow individual flowers from seeds and bulbs can be difficult, so you might add flowering bushes to your yard for colour and fragrance. Rhododendrons offer a colorful and rounded blossom, while lilac bushes offer lots of fragrance. A shrub rose bush produces flowers that resemble flat, open roses, and these are available in a variety of colors. Japanese spirea are a unique type of flower that blooms with very small buds that are clustered together, typically in a vibrant purple shade. Rose of Sharon offers a delicate flower that resembles a lily, and which is good for bringing in an English garden look to your property.