What Too Many People Overlook When Remodelling Their Kitchen

If you're planning a kitchen remodel, you want to think carefully about trying to go it alone, without the help of a contractor. It's not uncommon to run into unforeseen problems when remodelling a kitchen, and even seemingly simple mistakes can make the finished job look amateurish and far from what you expected. Note a few of those mistakes here, including what many people tend to overlook when remodelling their kitchen, so you can decide if hiring a contractor is the right choice.


Larger kitchens with lots of room are nice, but if you're thinking of changing the footprint of a large kitchen, don't forget about accessibility. Moving the refrigerator across the room can seem like it would get it out of the way of foot traffic, but that also means taking all those extra steps every time you need to access the fridge. Moving the stove too far from the sink also means walking that extra distance with heavy pans filled with water, or with food that gets prepped at the sink. Always consider accessibility when planning the layout of any kitchen, but especially in that larger space.

Not properly installing floor tiles

If you've decided to install new floor tiles in your kitchen, note that not planning this installation properly can mean crooked, unsightly tiles. It's typically suggested that you start laying tile in the middle of the kitchen and then work toward the cupboards, so that cut tiles are obscured by those cupboard edges. You also want to use a chalk outline marked with a level so that the tiles run in a straight line, rather than trying to "eyeball" this work.

Power consumption

A kitchen remodel often includes updated, larger appliances, such as a refrigerator and dishwasher. These larger and more powerful appliances may need more electricity, and your home may not have sufficient wiring for that extra power. In turn, you may put wear and tear on these appliances every time you use them, and they may consistently shut down circuits. Older and frayed wires may also be more prone to sparking as they struggle to supply needed power, and this can increase the risk of an electrical fire in the home. Always check the volts and amps needed for any new appliance you're thinking of buying and then the wiring of your home, and note if you need to change your decision on the appliances or have a contractor run new wiring into the space.