What You Need to Know About Residential Air Conditioning Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your home's air conditioner and keeping it in good repair will ensure that it lasts as long as possible, without the risk of a breakdown. You can often perform some maintenance tasks on your own, but it's also good to have the unit inspected and maintained by a professional contractor on a regular basis. Note a few factors that you'll want to remember about a residential air conditioner's repair and maintenance, so you know when to have it serviced and so your unit will be dependable and reliable through the summer months. [Read More]

Taking Measurements for Custom Cafe Curtains

Curtains are there so that you can block out sunlight and keep your home private, but sometimes maintaining privacy means you end up sitting in the dark, or using electric lights in the daytime. If you find yourself having this type of problem, cafe curtains are a good way to deal with it. Unlike ordinary, full-length curtains, the cafe variety only cover part of the window, so you can block out prying eyes but still let in some sunlight. [Read More]

3 Ways to Use Glass to Brighten Up Your Home's Bathroom

A dark and dreary bathroom is not just unattractive, but it might also seem dirty and unhygienic, as people often associate brightness and light with sanitized surfaces. Brightening up your home's bathroom can then make it more cheery and welcoming, while also making it feel cleaner. A good way to brighten your home's bathroom is to use added glass, as glass reflects light rather than absorbing it. Note a few suggestions for how to do this in your home's bathroom. [Read More]

Misconceptions Homeowners Often Have About Timber Cladding

Timber cladding can quickly and affordably improve the exterior appearance of your home, while also providing an added layer of insulation against potential water damage and even outside sound. Timber cladding is very durable and a favourite choice for many, but some homeowners may not have the right idea about the material used for this type of home improvement project. Note a few common misconceptions here, and that might help you to decide if timber cladding is right for your home. [Read More]