3 Ways to Use Glass to Brighten Up Your Home's Bathroom

A dark and dreary bathroom is not just unattractive, but it might also seem dirty and unhygienic, as people often associate brightness and light with sanitized surfaces. Brightening up your home's bathroom can then make it more cheery and welcoming, while also making it feel cleaner. A good way to brighten your home's bathroom is to use added glass, as glass reflects light rather than absorbing it. Note a few suggestions for how to do this in your home's bathroom.

Glass door inserts

Whatever type of door you have for the bathroom, you can typically add glass inserts very easily. These inserts can be frosted or etched so that they obscure the view and allow privacy, while still letting in lots of light and brightness. You can also use stained glass to add some colour to the space, or grilles, which are metal or wood pieces placed in the middle of the glass, creating a panelled look. For very small and dark bathrooms, opt for a large pane of glass with only a small frame around it, for maximum light and brightness.

Faux windows

Faux windows are just as the name implies; panes of glass, usually set in wood frames, that are meant to resemble real windows. These are perfect for bathrooms without an exterior wall, where you can't add or expand real windows.

Faux windows are usually painted with a nice horizon or other view, or they may simply be frosted, and will also typically have a lighting feature installed behind them. This lights up the faux windows, just like letting in light from real windows. A faux window can even be installed on the ceiling, resembling a skylight.

Shower screens

Glass shower screens may seem like an obvious choice for using glass to open up a bathroom space, but consider your choices for those screens, and how to maximize their brightness. A screen without a door or frame is very good for small and dark spaces; this glass is attached to the tub or shower floor with simple clips, so nothing gets in the way of the glass. This can offer maximum brightness and openness. If you want privacy behind the screen, choose one with a very light colour of frosting, so it doesn't absorb light, and avoid a tinted glass, as this can actually be as dark as a shower curtain. Note, too, if you can add a small light fixture in the bathroom and aim it at the shower screen, to help reflect even more light.