What Are the Key Services Locksmiths Offer Landlords?

Any landlord who has more than one property that they maintain on behalf of their tenants will need to retain the services of several tradespeople. It is always useful, for example, to have the telephone number of a reliable plumber, roofer or electrician who can respond to emergency call-outs when there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Another important service provider that nearly all landlords need is a trained locksmith. Relying on general tradespeople and odd-job contractors will not be sufficient if there is ever a problem with one of your property's locks. What sort of invaluable services do modern locksmiths provide landlords?

Emergency Access

Even if you are in the habit of retaining a spare set of keys to one of the properties you let, there are occasions when you will need a new one cut. Perhaps a tenant has lost their house keys, or maybe they have left your property without returning them to you. If you are not in the area, then you will need someone to take care of gaining access on your behalf. Cutting extra keys for both tenants and landlords is something that emergency locksmiths often carry out as a result of loss or damage to current sets. Of course, any cost incurred from wilful damage can be recharged back to the tenancy concerned.

Lock Changes

When tenants are evicted from a property, they will usually vacate it without having to be forcibly removed. Even if your keys are left for you by your former tenant, it is advisable that you immediately hire a locksmith to change all of the locks in the property concerned. This is because until you do so, you have not fully repossessed your property. Your old tenants may have kept a spare set of keys which will allow them access. This would be highly undesirable, especially if you are in a period of improving the property ready to get it into a fit state to let it again.

Unwarranted Access

In some cases, people will break into properties that are not being let. This can occur in both residential addresses as well as empty business premises. Either way, when this occurs, your property will only be fully resecured if you have a locksmith attend to all of the locks. Bear in mind that this could well involve changing the locks of your property's windows as well as its exterior doors.