3 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing Bedroom Shutters

Only 5% of the population of Australians are getting enough sleep. Many factors contribute towards this statistic, and the choice of bedroom window shutters is one. Unfortunately, most people fail to realise that bedroom shutters contribute immensely to the quality of sleep they get. How then do you ensure your shutters give a good night rest? This article looks at the factors you must consider when choosing bedroom shutters. Read on. 

Partial Light Blockage

If you have ever woken up to bright sunlight piercing through your bedroom window, then you know how uncomfortable that can get. It is especially the case for people who work on night shifts and spend their day sleeping. As such, bedroom shutters should block out light coming from outside. However, it can be difficult to sleep during the day in a room with the shutters fully shut and no fresh air coming in. For this reason, you should get window shutters whose slats open and close independently. This allows you to shut only part of the shutter to block sunlight rays. You can then leave the rest of the slats open so that fresh air gets through.

Noise Insulation

Keeping out the morning or day sun from your room with shutters doesn't count for much if you can still hear every little bit of noise coming from outside. Unfortunately, this is what you get with traditional shutters, blinds and curtains. If you want to sleep soundly, whether it is during the night or day, ensure that you block out the noise as well. This is why you should only buy shutters with noise insulation for your bedroom. Such shutters feature foam within the frame panels which act as noise dampeners, thereby allowing you a good sleep.

Full Height Shutters

When in your bedroom, your privacy is of utmost importance; therefore, you do not have to compromise on your privacy by going for shutters that are not complete. Although half-length shutters allow in light, they only provide partial privacy, especially because you have to open the slats fully to let in enough light. Full height shutters solve this problem because they run the entire length of your bedroom walls. Therefore, if you want to keep your privacy intact but still allow in enough light, all you have to do is open all the slats partially. With the lower slats opened at an angle, you do not have to worry about peering eyes from outside. However, you have to note that full height shutters are only useful if you have full-length windows.