Simple Ways to Create More Kitchen Storage

As a room that rests at the heart of your household, your kitchen is home to a lot of activity. Whether you're cooking for just yourself or you have a big family to feed, you'll find that you need lots of storage space. If you're currently struggling to make the most of your storage, it's time to learn what you need to make the most of it.

Use High Spaces

Although you need to make sure you can access most of your storage easily, it's still a good idea to utilise high spaces. Adding cabinets or shelves to high areas gives you somewhere to store the ingredients that you don't often use, such as special herbs and spaces.

Introducing high-up storage to your kitchen is beneficial when you have young children around too. You can allocate such spaces to items that you don't want them to access easily, such as cleaning fluids and alcohol.

Tap into Hidden Areas

Take a look at your kitchen and examine whether there are any hidden areas where you could add more storage. Key culprits include the area above your fridge, the space below your centre island and the area above your stove.

Tapping into your hidden areas gives you more space for storing the utensils and pans you don't regularly use. In addition to adding shelving and cabinets, use storage baskets to keep everything organised.

Choose Deep Cabinets

Liaise with your usual cabinet-makers and see if your cabinets are as deep as they can be. Adding deep drawers that you can pull outwards allows you to make the most of the available space, without making your goods difficult to access.

If you choose to add drawers to your cabinets, make sure you organise them using segmented dividers. By storing everything according to product type, you'll waste less time when you're cooking.

Use the Inside of Doors

Even when you think there's no more space available, you can always turn to the inside of your doors. Adding small shelves for storing jars can help you save space in the rest of your cabinets. 

The inside of your cabinet doors is also ideal for adding hooks for utensils and mugs. Always make sure you check the strength of the hooks before relying on them to keep items safe.

By thinking outside of the box and working with your cabinet-makers, you can bring more storage to your kitchen. As a result, it'll become a better place to cook.