Functional or ornamental? The charm of exterior window shutters

Window shutters can be installed either on the interior of the window or the exterior. Regardless of where they are connected, most people use shutters for security, privacy, and protection of the glass on the windows. However, exterior shutters (also known as outdoor shutters) can also be used for decoration purposes where they add aesthetic value to your home.

Your new shutters have the power to either make or break the entire aesthetic value of your home. As such, whether you are installing exterior shutters to your windows for functional or ornamental purposes, you need to ensure you have the right shutters. Below are some of the factors to consider when installing exterior shutters in your home.

Shutters should be in sync with your home design

Your home design will determine the type of shutters that you use on your windows. You do not want the shutters to seem chaotic or misplaced on your façade. For instance, board and batten shutters will work well with farmhouses and cottages whereas Bermuda or Bahamas shutters will complement homes in the coastal region. Moreover, louvered shutters will work well with most homes. Select a shutter style that will be in harmony with the architectural design of your home.

Use shutters that properly fit your windows

To get the desired look, make sure that you buy shutters that match the length and width of your windows. While making your purchase, factor in the spaces in between your windows. However, for a more appealing result, use the same size of shutters for all the windows. Don't be too adventurous with the sizes as it might end up spoiling the overall appeal of the shutters.

Explore the varieties available

Regarding material, especially if the shutters are decorative, select one that will fit your lifestyle. Most people will prefer wood because it speaks elegance compared to aluminium or PVC. Moreover, they come in various colours; select a colour that will complement your home.

Personalize your shutters

Exterior shutters send out loud messages about your home and lifestyle. Therefore, when using shutters, make sure they send out the right message. You can add decorations on your shutters to indicate your tastes, hobbies, beliefs, or interests. Select shutters that are boastful of your personality. For instance, you may request your supplier to customize your shutters to include engraved palm trees, ships, spiritual figures, and so on. However, it is essential to ensure you do not overdo it and end up ruining the entire charm of your shutters.