How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Small Windows and Rooms

It can be a challenge to find the right window treatments for smaller windows and cramped, crowded rooms, as you want a window covering that provides the privacy and light blockage you need but which is also proportionate to the space. To help you find the best window treatments when a room or the window itself is a bit on the small side, note a few tips to keep in mind.


Blinds are an excellent choice for small windows and rooms, as they're compact like shades but add a bit of depth and style, like curtains. Matchstick blinds have very small slats, and these are often good for small windows. Cellular shades or blinds have slats that are actually full of air; these slats provide even more depth and visual interest, and can also insulate a window from outside heat and cold.

Bamboo or other wood blinds add colour and texture to the space, whereas metal blinds are good for modern homes where wood might seem out of place. Metal is also very easy to clean and won't absorb humidity or stains, so opt for metal blinds for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and the like. For other spaces, opt for cloth or fabric blinds, for some softness and personality in the room.


Finding curtains for small windows and rooms is probably most challenging, as curtains can overpower a space very easily. If you must have curtain panels, opt for something simple and flat, and choose grommets or tabs at the top rather than pleats.

The curtain rod itself should also be small and thin rather than overly large and thick, or it may seem out of proportion for the window's size. For very small spaces, opt for one curtain panel that you can tie to one side to open, rather than assuming you always need two separate panels for a window!


Shades are good for very small windows and spaces, as these treatments are compact and sit inside the window frame. Motorized shades are also easy to operate and eliminate the need for cords.

The downside of shades, however, is that they can seem too small, and they may not add much personality and style to a room. Shades can also seem a bit industrial and impersonal, so if you do opt for shades, choose those in a warm colour or even a slate grey, to keep them from looking overly bland and dull.