Choosing the Best Outdoor Screens for Your Home

If you need to add some privacy and shade to an outdoor patio space, you might consider installing a screen. Screens can be custom fitted so they can be added along virtually any exterior space of the home, and they can provide protection from sun, nearby neighbours, noise from a roadway, and other irritants. Screens with slats you can open and close will also give you maximum control over the amount of privacy and shade you get. Note a few tips for choosing the best outdoor screens for your home so you know what to discuss with an installer.


Some people might mistakenly think that cantilever screens refers to those with movable slats. However, cantilever screens are actually those that are installed over a window or door, and not as a wall. These screens can include slats that are adjustable, so that you can let in light or provide full shade for a seating area under the screen. If you're looking for a privacy screen to be installed as a wall, don't confuse these items and ask or shop for cantilever screens, but understand the type of screen to which this refers.

Fixed blades

Fixed blades refers to slats that don't move, so they can't be opened and closed. These may not give you as much control over the privacy and shade that you would get for your outdoor area, but they also don't have movable parts that will eventually need maintenance and repair. They're a good choice for blocking off an area where you won't typically need to adjust the slats, such as around your rubbish bins or air conditioning compressor.

Size of slat opening

Even if you choose fixed blades for your privacy screen, you still need to give some thought as to how much of an opening there will be between those slats, if any. If you want a privacy screen around rubbish bins or an air conditioning unit outside your home, as mentioned, don't assume that fixed blades with small to no openings between them is the best choice, as it's best to allow for air circulation in these areas. This will cut down on the smell of the rubbish and also allow the A/C condenser to dry out as needed.

If you opt for fixed blades screens around a patio area with a grill or fire pit, it's also good to ensure there is lots of space between those slats. This will ensure smoke doesn't get trapped in that area and become uncomfortable or even a fire hazard.