Using Nursery's With Advanced Trees to Give Your Land Privacy

Landscaping can fit several purposes for your home. It can offer the obvious option of giving your home curb appeal. It can also help to offer with draining issues from heavy rains. One thing you may not know that landscaping can offer is a natural option for privacy. By using a nursery that carries advanced trees, you can find some suitable natural options for your home. Here are a few options that these types of nurseries may have, along with the technology to help you maintain the option you choose.


If you want a privacy fence option, then one plant or tree to consider is bamboo. Now, keep in mind that bamboo is actually part of the grass family. However, most advanced tree nurseries and landscaping technicians offer bamboo as a sustainable option for privacy fencing because it is easy to grow, easy to place, and easy to maintain. The fencing can be placed in a staggering manner to offer more privacy or simply side by side like you would regular fencing panels.

Evergreen Hedges and Trees

Evergreen is a popular tree because it not only offers privacy, but also offers windbreak. In addition to those two benefits, it also helps with irrigation if your property has problems with drainage. The evergreen can be planted at an advanced tree stage so that it is ready to provide all of its benefits on day one. You can also choose to have them cut down to hedges to offer only partial privacy. In addition to those options, you can also have a professional nursery help mold the branches of the evergreen root to grow in such a way that a natural fence line will occur during growth.


Cypress is a fast growing tree that grows three to five feet every year. Depending on the variety of cypress, the tree will stop growing around 10 feet. The cypress offers all the privacy benefits of evergreen; however, it also stays green throughout the year and various seasons. You can find them in narrow varieties or in full varieties depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind, depending on your location, certain varieties of cypress may be more ideal than others. 

These are just three of the options available to you. If you have other concerns, beyond privacy, then consider a consultation with your local nursery for advanced tree options and technology that can help your needs.