The Benefits Of Ducted Air Conditioning Systems

If you're having a new property constructed or are undertaking a home remodelling project, you may be wondering what kind of air conditioning system to choose. Ducted air conditioning systems have many advantages over non-ducted systems. Read on to find out why ducted air conditioning could be a good choice for you.

Cost Effective

Although a ducted air conditioning system may be slightly more expensive to install than a non-ducted one, the long term running costs should work out cheaper. Non-ducted systems also have wall-mounted units in every room in your home, which could mean expensive maintenance and replacement costs each time you experience a problem with one of the units.

Ease of System Control

Ducted air conditioning systems allow every room in your home to be cooled all year round. Ducted systems feature zone settings, meaning that you have total control over which areas of your home are cooled.

You can also set temperatures and timings for each of the zones you have set up, which can save you money on energy bills. For example, you could choose to have your bedrooms cooled or heated overnight, whilst turning off the air conditioning in the other zones in your home.

Ruling Out Hot and Cold Spots

Many properties have hot and cold spots that never seem to be at a comfortable temperature. By heating or cooling the whole building, a ducted air conditioning system will allow you to regulate the temperature in all parts of your home, ruling out annoying variances.

Easier On the Eye

The wall-mounted units used in non-ducted air conditioning systems can really spoil the look of your interior décor scheme. By comparison, a ducted system has only ceiling or floor grills discreetly located in every room, which is much less intrusive.

Promoting Peace and Quiet

Many non-ducted air conditioning systems can be very noisy, causing problems when sleeping or annoyance when you're trying to watch TV.

Because ducted air conditioning systems have all of their functional parts sited under the floor, in the ceiling void or outside the house altogether, they generally run much more quietly than non-ducted systems.

In Conclusion

If you're considering having a new air conditioning system fitted to your home, you should consider the benefits of a ducted system as outlined above. For more information and guidance on ducted air conditioning systems, pay a visit to your local supplier, such as ACSIS Airconditioning Warehouse, to see what's on offer.