The Nonconformist Way: The Ultimate Kitchen Design for the Gothic Homeowner!

There is nothing gloomy about being gothic. In fact, gothic style is nothing but exquisite, ornamental and original. A gothic interior design is always romantic, extravagant and mysterious. If you're a fan of the old word touch, here are tips to help you achieve a gothic style in your new kitchen.

Use dark décor for dramatic elegance

Dark décor is the most noticeable element of a gothic kitchen.  Use colour such as black, darkened shades or red, emerald green, dark ocean blue or a dark purple shade for a bold, rich and dramatic look.

For your cabinets, use medieval style hinges and a dark paint to achieve a luxury that lacks in today's kitchen designs.

Consider long curtains for your windows

Long heavy curtains add another ingredient to creating a gothic themed kitchen. Silk and velvet curtains have an ambiance that creates a dramatic and elegant statement.

Seek curtains with bold colours, texture, and patterns. Also, use tassels or tie backs to add more glamour to your décor.

Add wall paper on the kitchen walls

A gothic inspired kitchen wouldn't feel complete without a wall paper. A wallpaper flocked with bold patterns, rich dark colours or a velvet texture, will certainly add extreme elegance and a dramatic flair to your kitchen.

If a wall paper is a too big commitment, consider a bold paint featuring rich colours such as deep burgundy, black or a touch of gold.

Use beams and rustic wood

Rustic wood furnishings belong in a gothic kitchen. You can use old beams for your shelves paired with vintage-style hardware and finished with dark paint. Go a step further and add a primitive wood table in your kitchen sitting area.

If you want to reflect a gothic style accurately, consider using exposed wood on your door frames or window sills to give your kitchen an aged look.

Use stained glass

Stained glass creates a gothic atmosphere in a modern kitchen. Celebrate striking gothic features by adding a stained glass-arched window in your new kitchen.

If you prefer to use a few gothic ingredients, you can add stained glass in front of existing windows, to allow light to shine through, hence creating a visual pop that is only true to a gothic home.

Use lighting that adds a gothic elegance and drama 

While candles are the ideal way of adding light in a gothic home, they are not the ideal lighting method in the modern time. However, this doesn't mean you can't be inventive. Consider light bulbs that mimic the light of a candle frame to create an atmosphere of old world elegance.